support local art. choose paper.

Cultiva launches a limited edition local art bag tonight at Cultiva’s cafe on 11th Street!  They will go quickly.  We’ll be launching the series officially in October, but now is the perfect opportunity to get a preview of what the project is all about!  Enjoy! Advertisements

Cup of Excellence 2010

There are so many other photos I could have chosen to highlight Cultiva’s blog about  experiences as an International Juror at the 2010 Rwandan Cup of Excellence Competition in late August.  I just assume that everyone who looks at coffee magazines or is interested in Cup of Excellence coffees usually get handed photos of the … Continue reading

Cultiva is happy to announce yet another location!  We are opening a very small 300sq ft. Cupping Room next to the Café on 11th Street.  Doors will open September 1st for daily public cuppings between 2-4pm.   The coffee library and cupping table will be moved from the roastery to our new location in order … Continue reading

“It’s all in the Cup”

We are now serving all in-house espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes and mochas with spritzer water and garnish fitting for the drink and season at hand. But let’s not forget Cultiva’s motto, “it’s all in the cup”. (yes, that’s our new motto, engraved on the back of our cupping spoons since 2008)

The Press – The 11th Street Café

The local newspaper wrote a very pleasing review of our new café on 11th Street!  Check it out! The Lincoln Journal Star

Cultiva’s Summer- Music Venue, bakery, barista/coffee classes, a new GS3, and an ongoing BBQ on South Street!

Live Music at Cultiva!! We are hosting live music as our main focus for the evenings.  We are open to all genres of music, but tend to lean towards a more unplugged atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get loud.  In any case, please check the link above to see what’s in the near … Continue reading

100% Cultiva. The Coffee Shop.

Cultiva recently opened a new coffee shop at 727 S.11th Street.  We are still roasting and packaging at the South Street location.  The new café is where Cultiva will be able to express itself fully to a wider audience.  We are open from 7AM to 10PM, Monday through Friday, 8am-10PM Saturday, and 10AM-6PM Sunday. We … Continue reading


Cultiva has launched it’s switch to paper bags! here’s the first run by local artist, Ashley Wick.  These are only on sale at the moment at Cultiva on South Street, but will soon be at a location hopefully near you!

SCAA Convention 2010

A good selection of the specialty coffee community will be flying into Anaheim this weekend for the SCAA convention, but sadly I am not able to attend this year.   Although it would be fun to see everyone and grab the latest magazines and goodies from all the vendors, I am too busy managing Cultiva’s … Continue reading

“Paper or Plastic?” A Local Art Project

After three years of choosing to package our coffees in plastic zip pouch gusset bags for retail and wholesale customers, Cultiva has decided to live up to it’s own expectations as a business and proper steward of the land and make the switch to paper.  We will be using 40% recycled, compostible, kraft paper bags … Continue reading