The day I returned from the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador, Nebraska was a scorching 100F off the plane in Omaha in early May.  I wasn’t surprised, just taken back by the fluctuating environment in which I’m returning to.   El Salvador in of itself has quite the variation in climate, but it’s expected.  When you’re down by the beach, it’s hot.  When you’re up in the mountains touring coffee farms, it’s cool.  There’s no real point to this story, just sharing an observation for those who are not familiar with the Nebraska climate.

On a serious note, I would like to mention the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador 2011, broke a record of having the most coffees to be passed into the international auction. I scored around 60+ different coffees, and 40+ of them twice, and they were all great.  Several were astounding.  I hope to remain in contact with whomever bids on the 1st place winning farm lot.  I’m in the process of going over my own cupping scores to see which other lot Cultiva may be interested in buying.


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