Cultiva Coin Collection

The Cultiva Coin Collection

Cultiva Coffee Roasting Company has introduced it’s own coins with fluctuating value! Some days it may be as simple as a cup of soup or a cappuccino, other days it might be a travel mug! Keep your eyes and ears open for the currency changes on the Cultiva Coffee Roasting Company Facebook page!

Frequently Asked Questions:

May I buy one? Yes, but these are very limited and we may not have any in stock when asked. Please inquire if you are interested.  Limit to 5 coins per purchase. Prices do not include Sales tax, but it DOES include Lincoln’s newly established “2.5% occupation tax”, so as to pay for the new arena.

  • Kettle Coin $3.75
  • Roaster Coin $7.50
  • Cappuccino Coin $3.00

May I exchange them for cash? No.

What if I loose them? They become lost, and are no longer redeemable by you. Maybe by the lucky one who finds it!

Do they expire? They expire when Cultiva does.

Are they good at any of the Cultiva locations? Trick question. Cultiva has only one location. You have arrived. Cultiva’s only location is at 727 S.11th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, 11th & G Streets, next to DaVinci’s, west side of the street, in a brick building, where Jones and dbeans once had a café.

Why is Cultiva doing this? It’s fun!

Currently, as of 1/12/2011, values for each coin are as follows:

Kettle Coin Cup of soup

Roaster Coin ½ lb. bag of regular priced coffee

Cappuccino Coin Cappuccino, traditional 6oz


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