The cost of a cup.

Women sorting coffee in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia typcially earn approximately 80¢ for working an eight hour shift. They need to arrive to the warehouse early, with no guarantee they will be given a place to sit in order to earn their daily pay. They are not farmers, nor are they (to the best of my knowledge) directly apart of the system in which Fair Trade coffees protect. Higher prices can only help these women in the long run. A cup of coffee can no longer be cheap, unless the consumer is fine with the continued exploitation of cheap labor in impoverished nations.

Cultiva revitalized the option of offering our  coffee  for sale online!  For the last several years I have purposefully made it slightly difficult to buy Cultiva’s coffee selections online, not to be mean, but to help Cultiva develop it’s roots locally in order to build a solid foundation.   With the demand of our coffees growing, the economy struggling, and coffee prices dramatically increasing on an international level, I’ve decided to launch Cultiva’s goodies to a wider audience in hopes of increasing our sales.  I also would like to mention that with the price of coffee increasing dramatically, everyone, including wholesale accounts, will see an increase and transformation in our price structure.  We will no longer be selling most of our coffee at the same price.  We will also not lower our quality standards of our single origins due to the economic crunch.   Many people may see other roasting companies raise their prices and also search for the cheapest “Fair Trade Organic” or single origin coffees available, regardless of the overall flavor or quality of the bean.  At Cultiva, we will continue to search for the most traceable and  transparent quality tasting single origin Mirco-lot coffees available to us, and will also continue to offer Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffees at a competitive price.

If you purchase Cultiva, whether from our café or as a wholesale customer, and have any questions regarding our pricing, please  call (402) 742-7865 and ask our roasting crew about the changes.  We are building a “tier” system for our coffees.  Most FTO’s will remain within a reasonable similar pricing as before, including the following; FTO Espresso, FTO Sirius, FTO Saratoga, FTO Chiapas, and FTO Sumatra.  All other single origin coffee retail prices will be strickly determined by what our cost per pound is from our importers.   It will be a nice place for everyone!  Our goal is to not sacrifice quality, but rather reward the farmer with better prices for their hard work and dedication to producing quality coffees.  Cultiva cannot begin to buy on price alone. It’s completely against our principles, the planet, impoverished nations, and our palates!


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