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A standard pour over using the metric system.

I haven’t posted much news about Cultiva in a while.  I bought a very nice water resistant scale which measures down to a tenth of a gram, up to about 4lbs.  Yes.. I just combined grams with pounds.  That’s life in America, where we choose our own standards, regardless if the options are better.  It’s … Continue reading


The day I returned from the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador, Nebraska was a scorching 100F off the plane in Omaha in early May.  I wasn’t surprised, just taken back by the fluctuating environment in which I’m returning to.   El Salvador in of itself has quite the variation in climate, but it’s expected. … Continue reading

Cultiva Coin Collection

The Cultiva Coin Collection Cultiva Coffee Roasting Company has introduced it’s own coins with fluctuating value! Some days it may be as simple as a cup of soup or a cappuccino, other days it might be a travel mug! Keep your eyes and ears open for the currency changes on the Cultiva Coffee Roasting Company … Continue reading


Cultiva has relocated and has a new phone number: (402) 435-1133 CAFÉ & ROASTERY (We are still training staff as to how to deal with coffee wholesale and deliveries, so please bare with us. If you need further assistance, email your order to : jon@cultivacoffee.com or call Jon’s cell phone: (402) 802-1909

Cultiva Relocation

Cultiva has officially closed it’s doors and will be moving the roasting facility into the cafe location at 727 S.11th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It will be interesting, and I’m very excited to see the results.  We’ll have very little room to spare, but the added equipment and production will give the cafe a very … Continue reading


The week spent in College Station, Texas with the GCQRI (Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative) congress addressed many important questions in approaching the implementation, finance, and structural organization of the GCQRI.  Vision was established, and the excitement and focus on the future of the initiative remained inspirational. Friday morning the room broke out into discussion … Continue reading

The cost of a cup.

Cultiva revitalized the option of offering our  coffee  for sale online!  For the last several years I have purposefully made it slightly difficult to buy Cultiva’s coffee selections online, not to be mean, but to help Cultiva develop it’s roots locally in order to build a solid foundation.   With the demand of our coffees … Continue reading

It’s that time of year!

Cultiva is very active.  We are testing a new sample roaster at The Cupping Room (727 S.11th) and are cupping often.  Our cafe on 11th Street is getting busier with the cooler weather, hosting live music on the weekends.  We have a great deal of  fantastic coffees entering our inventory on Monday, September 20th.  Southeast … Continue reading

Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative

I met Tim Schilling last month in Rwanda while participating as an international juror for Cup of Excellence.  I was overwhelmed with excitement when I discovered there was an official initiative dedicated to researching issues of cup quality, among other related concerns, from seed to cup.   I truly believe this will help mature the … Continue reading